Jana Kramer upset with ex over wedding day photo

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Singer and actress Jana Kramer is upset with her ex after he posted a shot from their wedding day and made wisecracks about the split.

Johnathon Schaech uploaded the snap on Twitter last week, explaining his son spotted the 2010 photo and had some questions for dad, who was married to the former One Tree Hill star for just two weeks.

"I had to explain this photo to my son today," the actor wrote. "I told him I've been married three times. But I got it right when I married his mother. @kramergirl and I lasted a week. We weren't meant but for this photo and friendship."

Asked by one follower if he had happy memories of his 2010 wedding day, he replied, "Nope", and perhaps went too far when he was asked about what became of the puppy, which featured in the photo.

"Sophie passed away," he added. "I tried to get custody forever but Jana knew the dog loved me too much."

As the media picked up on the tweet over the weekend, Schaech, who was also married to Christina Applegate, felt the need to clear up a few facts, explaining he didn't show his son the wedding day snap and insisting that there's no bad blood between himself and his ex - in fact, the actor added his son "sees @kramergirl and (husband) Mike (Caussin) all the time", adding Kramer and his current wife, Julie Solomon, are "best friends" and he and Caussin are "brothers".

But it appears that friendship may have taken a hit, because Kramer wasn't happy with her ex-husband's tweet.

On her Whine Down podcast, she said, "So my ex-husband, because I guess he technically was a husband, so he tweeted out a picture of our wedding day... But he tags me in it. And I'm like, 'First of all, why are you tagging me in it?' And secondly, we're friends... His wife is my best friend, you know, we've been great, but it kinda rubbed me wrong...

"I didn't want to see that photo on my Twitter. And now you're tagging me in it. So I don't want other people to see that photo. Yeah, you can Google it if you're searching and you wanna see it. It bothered me."

Kramer explained she texted her ex and asked him why he was being mean about their wedding day.

"I'm like, 'Can you be nice and not say mean things about me on Twitter?'" Kramer revealed, "and he's like, 'It wasn't real...' and I'm like..., 'First of all, it was so long ago, and why are you tagging me and dragging me...' I'm annoyed that it's still there. A part of me wants to text him and be like, 'Can you take that down?'"