Jana Kramer, 38, shows off her sultry and silly sides as she poses in hot pink bikini

Jana Kramer is proving reality isn't so bad.

The One Tree Hill alum, 38, took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a photo of herself striking a serious pose in a pool while sporting a hot pink bikini. The second photo in the carousel also showed her in the pool, but smiling in a more natural, candid manner. She captioned the photos, "Instagram……VS…..reality."

Kramer's followers teased her for looking good in both pics. One wrote in the comments section, "Yea ur hot in both," while another wrote, "Beautiful in both pics. I wished I were as gorgeous as you are!"

Others commented that they preferred the reality picture. One shared, "I like reality better. You look much happier."

The country singer, who shares two children with her ex-husband Mike Caussin, hasn't always looked so happy on social media. Last month, Kramer posted a throwback photo of herself crying on the day she finalized her divorce, alongside a note about healing and moving on.

"I look back so grateful for the bottoms I faced cause I'm a better version today for not only me but most importantly our kids," she explained in the caption. "Healing takes time and it's in no way linear but you will see the light in time and you will realize you are stronger than you ever thought. And when you're lost, find your queendom, find your God because where you can't pick up the pieces they are there to help."

In October 2021, she also took to the social media platform to post an honest message about the realities of parenting.

"Today was a challenging one," she wrote at the time. "The one where it tests you to your core. After screaming kids, not listening and literally being bitten by Jace at soccer it made sense I just walked around the corner tonight to cry. Like the scene where Charlotte hid in the pantry just to have 2 mins to shed the tears. I have never felt more love and joy as a mother but I've also never been tested this much to my core either. The patience, the deep breaths, the not doing it perfect and then hiding around the corner to cry."

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