Jammie Dodger Meets Maryland Cookies And They Look I-N-S-A-N-E

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Here at Delish, we consider ourselves cookie connoisseurs. We love everything from chocolate chip cookies to cheesecake stuffed cookies. Which means we're always on high alert for any fun and exciting cookie launches, bringing us swiftly onto our latest find...

Introducing Jammie Dodgers Maryland Cookies.

Called ‘Ooh How Jammie', these brand-new biscuits blend raspberry cookie dough with Maryland chocolate chips and raspberry pieces, and they sound delicious.

Perfect with your morning coffee, the new cookies have launched in Asda stores for a three-month exclusive rollout, before a wider retail launch in 2022.

Photo credit: Burtons
Photo credit: Burtons

Burton’s Biscuit Co Marketing Director, Kate Needham describes the cookies as "packed with the kookiness of Maryland and the cheeky mischief of Jammie Dodgers."

First spotted on Kev's Snack Reviews Instagram, the hybrid cookies already have people talking. One person said, "Oh hello 👋 this is an amazing combo 🙌," while another commented, "Erm…. what?!😮"

Available now in Asda supermarkets, you can get your hands on a pack for just 85p.

And the excitement doesn't stop there... not only can you buy new hybrid cookies, Maryland has also dropped peanut butter and jelly cookies!

Looking for something more chocolate-heavy? Well, B&M stores have just made s’mores more readily available to us Brits, and for that, we're eternally grateful.

And these aren't just any old s’mores… they're Nutella s’mores!

Spotted on @newfoodsuk’s Instagram, this Nutella s’mores kit is the stuff of dreams. Costing just £3 a kit, you’ll get eight s’mores to share with friends/keep all to yourself. Each kit contains Nutella, marshmallows and sweet crackers. Yum!

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