Jamie Oliver slams police after being forced to track down his own stolen tractor

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<p>Jamie Oliver has criticised police after their poor response when his tractor was stolen</p> (GETTY)

Jamie Oliver has criticised police after their poor response when his tractor was stolen


Jamie Oliver has slammed police after he was forced to find his own tractor when it was stolen by thieves.

The TV chef called police after two men broke through a side entrance to his Essex estate in a midnight raid.

Mr Oliver claims he provided them with CCTV footage and the number plate of a Mercedes that was used in the heist.

However, he says he took matters into his own hands after police failed to take the crime seriously.

He used used trackers to locate the stolen tractor and a trailer, which were found abandoned in a field on April 29.

Mr Oliver warned other locals online about the “casual” crime wave hitting the community.

The 45-year-old said: “Two guys in a black Mercedes 4x4 stole a new trailer and tractor.

“I just wanted to make you all aware there seems to be some confident casual theft going on in and around the village. Another local farmer and house in the village also has been broken into. It’s well worth being vigilant as ever.”

Speaking about his interaction with police, Mr Oliver said: “When we spoke to them it was still a very active crime and frankly our security systems and team did all the homework for them but no real active interest??

“Anyway, our security cameras picked up the burglars, their car and the number plate (they tried to cover it up but it fell off mid break-in). Everything they stole had trackers so we were able to see it play out.

“Police weren’t interested in meeting us at the crime location where our stolen items had been taken. So I had to send my team there to get it back. Honestly?!”

A spokesman for Essex Police told The Sun: “Officers were unable to attend immediately as they were dealing with other incidents throughout the night and early hours. The informants recovered the vehicles themselves before officers had the opportunity to get there.

“Our crime scene investigators attended at 10.15am that day, shortly after the crime was reported,” they added.

They continued: “No forensic opportunities were found on the vehicles but our enquiries into the theft remain ongoing.

“We always prioritise calls where there is the greatest risk of harm to people and threat to life. This means we can’t always attend some incidents immediately but we do our best.”

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