Jamie Oliver Shares Pictures To Prove He Was Secretly In This Epic Film Franchise

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Jamie Oliver Shares Pictures To Prove He Was Secretly In This Epic Film Franchise

We don't know about you, but nothing surprises us anymore. Especially in a world where celebrities pretty much do anything and everything they fancy (like launch booze brands, sign up to Bake Off and produce cookery shows).

But what if we told you that celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, had previously starred as an extra in one of the world's largest film franchises?

Yep! To mark 'May the fourth be with you,' Jamie has shared a carousel of images on his Instagram account with more than nine million followers, showing some behind-the-scenes shots from his time spent playing a stormtrooper on Star Wars.

Pictured with American actor, Oscar Isaacs, it turns out Jamie Oliver actually landed this dream role of his after the producers saw him doing a school run in a stormtrooper costume he bought back in 2015.

According to The Sun, a Star Wars insider revealed that in 2018, "Jamie was at Pinewood Studios training with the other stormtroopers to prepare for the role."

They said, "He took it really seriously because it has been a dream come true, but he’s been sworn to secrecy.”

Captioning his post with, "May the 4th be with you wonderful people… as no one will actually ever see me star[r]ing in my favourite film franchise... I thought I’d show or prove it did actually happen with a secret behind the scenes picture."

So, there you have it! Jamie Oliver did actually play a stormtrooper in Star Wars.

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