Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Sweet Photo With Lindsay Lohan As Freaky Friday 2 Takes Huge Step Forward

 Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.
Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.

It feels like we’ve been waiting for a Freaky Friday sequel for so long, that we’re “like the crypt keeper!” But our patience is being rewarded, because a sequel to the Disney movie is now officially underway with a director. Amidst news that Freaky Friday 2 is moving forward in this big way and inching toward going into production this summer, Jamie Lee Curtis shared an adorable photo with her movie daughter, Lindsay Lohan.

Just hours before The Hollywood Reporter learned that Nisha Ganatra, who helmed 2019's Late Night, has been hired to direct Freaky Friday 2 with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan starring, the Oscar winner took to Instagram to share the movie is coming. Check out the photo:

Now, this isn’t a brand-new photo. Curtis actually posted it back in November to celebrate the end of the actors strike and tease her hopes to “switch places again in the near future.” However, this time, she shared the sweet picture to say Freaky Friday 2 is happening, and simply wrote “DUH! FFDEUX!” Curtis also posted this photo with Ganatra and scriptwriter Jordan Weiss, who created Hulu’s Dollface:

Curtis wrote “Girl power!” and shared that the photo was just missing “a hot redhead” to round out the team behind Freaky Friday 2. Looks like things are really starting to get cooking on the Disney sequel! Jamie Lee Curtis may have very well spent her Friday going through the latest script for the sequel and talking out visions for the comedy with the movie’s writer and director. How exciting! Curtis also placed this on her social media feed:

For about a year now, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan have been talking about bringing a Freaky Friday sequel to fans. Last February, amidst the movie turning 20, the actress said “it’s going to happen” and here they are now really making it a reality. While Curtis was promoting Haunted Mansion last year, she went viral for hyping up the sequel while on a Disneyland balcony, and I'm so happy these dreams are coming true!

When CinemaBlend spoke to Lohan earlier this month, the actress also confirmed that she was “working” on the Freaky Friday movie while promoting her latest Netflix movie, Irish Wish. So now we’re left to wonder what the next Freaky Friday movie will be about! Will Curtis’ therapist character Tess once again switch places with her daughter, Lohan’s Anna? Is Anna still in her band? What’s her life like? Is she now a mother herself? After all, Lohan recently became a mother for the first time!

While we wait and imagine the “Ultimate” Freaky Friday 2 that’s currently being developed, you can watch the original 2003 movie with a Disney+ subscription.