Jamie Lee Curtis praises Halloween fans as she prepares to say goodbye to Laurie Strode

Jamie Lee Curtis will speak on Britain's talk series The Graham Norton Show about saying goodbye to Halloween character Laurie Strode after 44 years.

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Jamie first appeared as the character in the 1978 horror film Halloween but returns for another sequel Halloween Ends which is released this October.

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"It is emotional saying goodbye to Laurie Strode. I've been playing her for 44 years. That's two thirds of my life so it's very weird," Jamie shared.

"The first movie changed my life 100 percent and every dot of goodness in my life came from Halloween."

John Carpenter's original 1978 Halloween is a horror classic.

Taking place on Halloween night in the fictional town of Haddonfield, it follows a babysitter named Laurie (Jamie in her debut role) who becomes the target of Michael Myers, a seriously unhinged killer who has recently escaped from prison.


Jamie will star in Halloween Ends

But Jamie also revealed that despite being the star of one of the most successful horror franchises of all time, she is not a fan of the genre.

"I don't like watching them. I don't know why anyone likes watching them, but I'm grateful they do," she joked, revealing that she watched the latest film by herself and "as soon as the scary music started I turned [the volume] right down".

Jamie is one of Hollywood's most respected actors and is married to fellow thespian Christpher Guest. They are parents to two adopted children.


Jamie in London in 2022

Jamie however has also battled alcohol addiction, and in 2021 spoke to HELLO! and shared that her "recovery is the single greatest accomplishment that I will ever get to do in this human life".

"I have a generational link to addiction and substance abuse in my family and I was able to catch it, look in the mirror, understand the problem and I have been clean and sober for 22 years," she shared.

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