Jamie Lee Curtis: 'I'm in love with Michelle Yeoh!'

Jamie Lee Curtis is in love with Michelle Yeoh credit:Bang Showbiz
Jamie Lee Curtis is in love with Michelle Yeoh credit:Bang Showbiz

Jamie Lee Curtis is "in love" with Michelle Yeoh.

The 64-year-old actress - who has been married to Christopher Guest since 1984 - went viral earlier this week when she was announced as the winner of the Best Supporting Female Actor at the SAG Awards for her role in 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' as she promptly turned to her co-star Michelle, 60, to plant a kiss on her and has now joked that the pair are smitten even though they both have husbands.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I kissed her?, Did I really kiss her? I love Michelle Yeoh. We love each other. We fell in love with each other. She's married. I met her husband in England, he's lovely. I also have a husband."

Meanwhile, the 'Freaky Friday' star - who is the daughter of Hollywood legends Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh - was emotional when she accepted the accolade for her work on 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' and spoke of how much she loves her profession as she joked about being a "nepo baby".

She said: "I'm wearing the wedding ring my father gave my mother - they hated each other by the way - but my sister Kelly and I were born from love and my father was from Hungary and my mother was from Denmark and they had nothing, but they became monstrous stars in this industry they loved so much.

"My parents were actors and I married an actor, I love acting, I love the job we get to do, I love being part of a cast and a crew, I love what we do with each other, it's a beautiful job.

"I know so many in our industry look at this night and think is that ever gonna be possible for me? I know you look at me and think 'nepo baby' and I totally get it, but the truth of the matter is I'm 64 years old and this is just amazing."

Jamie - who won the award ahead of co-star Stephanie Hsu, Kerry Condon ('The Banshees of Inisherin'), Angela Bassett ('Black Panther: Wakanda Forever') and Hong Chau ('The Whale') - then acknowledged she had gone over time but couldn't resist a shout-out to her co-star Michelle Yeoh.