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 (Jamie Genevieve)
(Jamie Genevieve)

Jamie Genevieve is living the dream. The makeup artist-turned-entrepreneur has harnessed her love of beauty into a hugely successful YouTube channel with 994k subscribers and counting, and a budding makeup label VIEVE that is changing the face of the industry with every lipstick swipe and brush stroke.

Venturing into the beauty sphere with a job at the makeup counter of Estee Lauder, the Scottish star is beloved by her legion of followers for her easy-to-follow tutorials where she shares her tips and tricks to achieve her signature flawless makeup look and has since go on to paint famous faces across the globe.

Genevieve founded her inclusive label in a bid to make to bold looks more accessible. The products are super pigmented and high performing and yet are entirely vegan and cruelty-free.

She is also an ambassador for Flannel’s newly launched Beauty category and has teamed up with the retailer to create a limited-edition edit of her favourite products. The Polished & Perfected combines her tried-and-tested skincare and makeup heroes in one gift-ready Tiger print makeup bag.


We caught up with Genevieve to find out the items she can’t live without.

What are you up to at the moment?

I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say the last few months of the year is always packed! I’ve just finished eight of the most amazing days in my beauty brand VIEVE’s Glasgow pop-up where we were queued out the door every day. It felt so good to get a brush belt on, be back on the shop floor and meet our customers. It can get slightly stressful juggling life as a Founder, Digital Creator, wife, daughter, friend, boss and now shop assistant(!) but it is very rewarding and I feel lucky every single day. I am extremely grateful to be working on future projects with the brands I love, renovating our family home that we moved into this year alongside creating beautiful products for our VIEVE community.

What is your beauty routine?

I have a lot of daily rituals that make up my beauty routine. Most days I wake up to my morning skincare routine followed by makeup which I often film for my social channels. In the evenings I make sure to take the time to properly cleanse my skin and most nights I have a bubble bath. It’s my way of washing off the day, hitting reset and it helps me have a great sleep.

What are your beauty commandments?

I’ll give you three:

  1. Makeup washes off, have fun with it.

  2. Self-care is not selfish, invest that time in yourself.

  3. Invest in little luxuries you can use every day. (One of mine is my Marvis toothpaste!)

What’s your number one beauty pet peeve?

I’m not a fan of telling people what rules to follow when it comes to makeup. I share tips and techniques that I find work for me, but I always encourage to explore, play and find their own too. Beauty doesn’t fit into one style or look, do what makes you feel great and sack the ‘rules’!

What is your desert island beauty product?

I’m going have to say SPF! Although, I feel we’re firmly on the SPF train now so if that’s a given, I’d say some sort of beauty oil I can use on my face, body and hair.

What tools are always in your beauty arsenal?

Always; a brilliant sharpener, sharp scissors, precision tweezers, lash applicator and some form of ‘de-puffing device’ for any water retention in my face after travelling (or the morning after a couple of vinos!).

What’s one product you wish you invented?

If I was being smart here, I’d say hand sanitiser! Seriously, I would have loved to have been the creator of an iconic 1950’s red lipstick. Vintage makeup has always fascinated me - I can’t wait to go to the Lisa Eldridge Pop-up in London to see her collection.

What was the process of curating your Polished & Perfected edit with FLANNELS Beauty?

I thought of the products that I feel bring little luxuries to my everyday routine and pulled them all together in a gorgeous little bundle. I love peppering quality products through my daily routine, it makes me feel happy and I’m having a real treat - something I think everyone deserves!

How would you describe your style and what are you wardrobe staples?

I think my style is all about investing in the basics. My wardrobe is pretty much black, beige, denim, leather and white and I love it that way. Piecing together an outfit is easy because all my clothes go well together, and since I started to shop less and invest in clothes that would last - I’ve ended up with a capsule wardrobe of clothes I really love and feel grateful for. Good jeans, leather and denim jackets, basic tees and shirts. Maybe some silk skirts and dresses too. I also live in my Grensen boots!

How do you treat yourself?

Holidays and beauty treatments. My two absolute favourite things! Even better when shared with family and friends.

What do you do to ensure you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

I try to get a good night’s sleep when I can, at least eight hours. Sleep is when we repair and regenerate and I find whenever I get under the weather, it’s always where I’ve had to give up on sleep for a busy schedule. Something I’m working on is putting my phone down and closing my laptop for an hour to take myself out of ‘work mode’ - not brilliant at that one yet!

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