Jamie Foxx reveals he once enlisted Snoop Dogg to intimidate his daughter’s date

Chelsea Ritschel
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Jamie Foxx says he used Snoop Dogg to intimidate one of his daughter’s dates (Getty Images)
Jamie Foxx says he used Snoop Dogg to intimidate one of his daughter’s dates (Getty Images)

Jamie Foxx has revealed that he once encouraged Snoop Dogg to intimate one of his daughter’s potential suitors.

The actor, who recently created and co-produced a Netflix sitcom with his oldest daughter Corinne Foxx, 27, calledDad Stop Embarrassing Me!, in which he stars, opened up about how the show compares to how he parents in real life during an interview with E! News.

“My daughter never got in trouble…Like, I never had to say the words: ‘I know you ain’t coming in here late. I know that ain’t alcohol on your breath,’” he said. “As far as my character, I mean, that’s all the way me.”

According to Foxx, he was especially similar to his show’s character when the 27-year-old began dating, with the 53-year-old revealing that he turned into a “private eye” and had already uncovered everything to know about his daughter’s potential suitor.

“I’m a private eye. By the time she got the person there, I already knew everything about him,” Foxx said.

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The father-of-two also tried other tactics as well, including encouraging his friend Snoop Dogg to “shake up” his daughter’s date.

“There was one particular moment, this is so surreal, Snoop was actually at my house. So she brings the guy to the crib and I say: ‘Yo Snoop, there he is right there. Shake him up,’” Foxx recalled. “Snoop walks up to him: ‘Hey, what’s up nephew? You understand what’s going on right now?’”

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However, according to the Soul star, his daughter’s date was “solid” and passed the test, before adding: “They have to know that if something is going wrong that, hey, something might come to you.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Foxx explained why he is so protective when it comes to his daughters, telling E! News that daughters are “special”.

“Daughters are special, man. As a father, you want that person who is dating your daughter to know that there quite possibly might be a chance that they won’t survive life,” he said.

Despite his strict parenting tactics when it comes to who his daughter dates, Foxx praised both Corinne and his younger daughter 11-year-old Annalise Bishop, telling the outlet that watching his daughters develop has been a “beautiful experience thus far”.

Dad Stop Embarrassing me! will premiere on Netflix on 14 April.