Jamie Foxx’s Co-Star Opens Up About What It Was Like To Work With Him On Commercial Months After His Medical Incident

 Jamie Foxx in Day Shift
Jamie Foxx in Day Shift

Jamie Foxx has always been known for his life-of-the-party personality and his quadruple-threat talents. So fans were understandably shaken when they learned he was battling medical issues earlier this year. While his future seemed uncertain for a while, there’s been lots of good news lately about his health and career. Now, one of the co-stars of his most recent gig – a hilarious, action-packed commercial – has revealed what it was like to see Foxx back on set.

In the new commercial, the 55-year-old actor suits up and shows off his multitasking skills while he simultaneously entertains patrons of a swanky lounge and places real-time bets on the BetMGM app. Kristen Radford Thom was cast as one of the guests, and she shared with People what it was like to be on set with the beloved star. According to the actress, the Oscar-winner was an ideal scene partner. Here’s how Thom described him and her time on the commercial set:

One of my favorite actors, and he was kind and humble and hilarious — all wrapped up in a ball of energy! He came over to our table (we were sitting right behind him while he played piano) and just opened up to us. As private as he is, he was pretty open to our table about his situation without telling us exactly what happened.

Kristen Radford Thom also shared that Jamie Foxx was a true professional, both while cameras were rolling and while the cast and crew were in between takes. She continued:

He was the nicest. He was funny. His improv abilities are unmatched. The entire set was laughing at his jokes. He is talented, in the most natural way.

It’s so good to hear that Jamie Foxx was in good health and good spirits during the commercial shoot. He definitely needed to bring some energy to the scene, in which a variety of sporting events start to play out around him while he and other patrons place their wagers. Football players tackle each other on the bar and a basketball player shatters a chandelier with his slam dunk – at one point, Foxx even has to dodge a baseball that catches fire as it speeds through a desert that’s a flambé. You can check out the chaotic TV spot here:

In April, news first broke that Jamie Foxx had been hospitalized for an undisclosed medical condition. Fans were understandably concerned for the beloved star’s well-being, and the rumors that spread across the Internet regarding his health led to some confusion. In July, Foxx reassured fans that he was on the road to recovery and insiders close to the actor made it clear Foxx planned to keep working. According to an Instagram update from the actor, it looks like the BetMGM commercial was filmed in July, so it looks like he was able to get back to work pretty quickly.

Fans may have to wait a while to see more of Jamie Foxx on their screens. He was hard at work on Back In Action -- in which he’ll reunite with his Any Given Sunday co-star Cameron Diaz -- prior to his hospitalization. Filming ultimately wrapped months ago, with body doubles being used to finish out a few of Foxx's scenes. Right now, fans with a Netflix subscription can get their Foxx fix with They Cloned Tyrone, which has proven to be one of the stand-out 2023 new movie releases. Let's wish the star continued good health and more fun doing what he enjoys.