James Van Der Beek suing broadcaster over podcast deal

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James Van Der Beek is suing executives at U.S. broadcaster Sirius XM.

In new legal documents, the Dawson's Creek actor claimed that his team recently agreed to a deal with bosses at Sirius XM and Stitcher for him to launch a podcast.

According to editors at The Blast, James was reportedly set to receive $700,000 (£596,000) for 40 episodes, with the show to explore his "acting career, onscreen characters, and life as a husband and father of six".

However, the star has now alleged that executives are "skirting" around the contract and refusing to pay him.

"He stopped negotiating with other buyers and affirmatively rejected those other offers (as well as other acting opportunities) in order to devote his full time and attention to creating the podcast with defendants," the 45-year-old's lawyers state in the lawsuit.

James is seeking the fee he allegedly agreed to as well as damages.

Representatives for Sirius XM and Stitcher have not yet responded to the lawsuit.