James Norton hates working with demanding co-stars

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British actor James Norton hates it when one of his co-stars is demanding on set.

The actor, who turns 36 on Sunday, stars alongside four-year-old Daniel Lamont in his new film, Nowhere Special, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year and is now on a full release.

He found working with the toddler a delight - unlike some previous unnamed co-stars, whose behaviour he found “selfish”.

“I’m not one of those actors who turns up on set in character,” he told British newspaper The Guardian. “I do my work, I do my research. I’m all for commitment. If it helps you to be completely consumed for days on end, great. When other people aren’t able to do their work because your process is so extreme, that’s selfish. I’m not that kind of actor at all.

“You just can’t take yourself too seriously. This industry is full of overly earnest people who think we’re God’s gift to mankind. We’re entertainers, we’re storytellers, there’s a lot of play and childishness in that.”

However, unlike some older actors, he found working with Daniel in Uberto Pasolini’s drama a complete delight.

“It was one of the most special experiences I’ve ever had on a film set,” he gushed. “The classic thing is you avoid animals and children. Not only is Daniel the lead, there are loads of other kids in it and loads of animals. There was always some rabbit, or a dog.”

In Nowhere Special, James plays a window cleaner who must prepare his son for life without him as he is dying from an unspecified illness - an experience he said Daniel reflected completely realistically when they improvised together.

“When you’re doing improv with a fellow actor, you’re constantly aware of this sabotaging voice.” James added. “With Daniel there was no voice; he was going through the process of understanding death in real time.”

Nowhere Special debuted in U.K. cinemas on Friday.

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