James Norton felt 'broody' after filming Nowhere Special

James Norton felt 'broody' after filming Nowhere Special

James Norton would "go home and talk about having kids" after days on the set of his new movie Nowhere Special.

The 35-year-old British actor plays a terminally ill man looking for a family to raise his son in the heartbreaking film, and admitted that his close bond with young co-star Daniel Lamont prompted him to question his actress girlfriend Imogen Poots about when they would start a family.

"My girlfriend definitely clocked that I was getting a little bit more broody," he told the Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye.

He added that his advancing years and the fact his sister recently had two sons also made him think about children, as he explained: "It coincided with my age; becoming an uncle, then playing this role and having such a deep connection with Daniel."

Luckily, Imogen, 32, was amenable to having the chat with her beau, as he grinned: "I would go home and talk about having kids. I think she was quite sweet about it."

But in reality, James knows that becoming a father at this stage of his career wouldn't be easy, as "it's a peripatetic, bouncy life that actors lead".

James and Imogen have been dating for three years.