James Norton admits movie role made him 'broody'

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James Norton credit:Bang Showbiz
James Norton credit:Bang Showbiz

James Norton's new movie made him "broody".

The 36-year-old actor stars in 'Nowhere Special' - a drama film that tells the story of a terminally ill single parent who has to find a family to adopt his young son - and James admits that the movie had a profound impact on him.

He shared: "It definitely made me broody. I'm 36, I'm in a long-term relationship, my sister has two boys who are under three - the film really made me think about having children."

The film also prompted James to think about his own mortality.

He told the BBC: "Being forced to contemplate one's death in a very simple way is something I think we run away from most of the time, rather than sit down and meditate on what's going to happen when you die."

The actor has been tipped as a possible successor to Daniel Craig as the next James Bond.

James finds the speculation to be "flattering" and revealed that he's increasingly comfortable with his own fame.

He explained: "As I got a bit older and more confident, I realised I don't have to give away everything, I don't have to Instagram my life and talk about my relationship.

"But I can talk about things like being a diabetic, or having a hard time at school, and hoping that those moments of honesty will chime with people who are also diabetic, or who might have also been bullied in school."

James also revealed he's determined to take himself outside of his comfort zone in his professional life.

He said: "Everything which comes along [in my career] is new and fresh and scary - I try to make sure that it is - I don't want to be too comfortable."

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