James Martin embroiled in awkward Saturday Morning feud as guests clash over a chicken

Tensions were high on the set of James Martin's Saturday morning show on ITV
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James Martin's Saturday Morning was back on our screens this morning, dishing out recipes and some unexpected tips and tricks. But this weekend's episode on June 1 also had a does of unexpected drama, with two guests clashing over a chicken.

On the latest instalment of the popular ITV show on Saturday, 1 June, James, who is rumoured to be dating again after splitting from his long-term girlfriend Louise Davis, introduced Dipna Anand alongside her father Gulu Anand, the dynamic duo behind a renowned restaurant specialising in Punjabi dishes. Tensions rose in the kitchen as they set about making Haandi Chicken Masala and Rice, with the pair's playful squabbling adding spice to the segment.

In one moment, James passed Dipna a bowl of raw chicken to begin the cooking process, remarking: "There's your chicken," only for Dipna to retort with a cheeky comment about her dad's earlier grumbles: "That the chicken dad's been sulking about."

While James let out a laugh and shot a glance at Gulu, Dipna stayed focused as she added the chicken to the pot, noting: "I got the butcher to cut the chicken instead of dad."

James, who recently had treatment for facial cancer, couldn't help but interject, recalling how he was mesmerised by Gulu's lightning-fast poultry chopping skills, having witnessed him expertly dissect a chicken "in less than a minute into 27 pieces" a sight he described as one of the most "magical things" ever seen on the programme.

Backing him up, she commented: "That was epic," to which Dipna's dad clarified it was "from the joints."

James Martin and Louise Davis
James Martin and Louise Davis

Defending herself, the culinary mastermind retorted: "All I said was you're not the only person who knows how to cut a chicken. I told the butcher how to cut it and I think he's done an ok job."

Observing their ongoing banter, James flashed a look of surprise at the camera before heading over to join fellow chefs Richard Bertinet and Ashley Palmer-Watts off to the side. In a playful gesture, James quipped: "You alright gents, you alright lads," as he laughed whilst taking a sip of his drink.

Noting the strained laughter, Dipna steered the conversation back towards her cooking guidelines, stating firmly: "Anyway, you can use chicken on the bone. That's traditional."