James Corden almost spent a day in suspended glass box with Jennifer Lopez

James Corden has divulged more details about the scrapped glass-box stunt he had planned to pull off with Jennifer Lopez.

During a panel discussion at PaleyFest LA in early April, the comedian reflected on the end of The Late Late Show with James Corden and revealed one of the stunts that never came to fruition - his plan to spend a day in a suspended glass box with the superstar.

Sharing more details on The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, Corden explained that the glass box was going to hang in front of a billboard for Lopez's 2022 documentary Halftime on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

"What we got told was that J.Lo would really love to do something around (the billboard), where we'd incorporate the billboard in the bit somehow," Corden recalled. "I was like, 'Well, why don't we suspend a glass box over the billboard and J.Lo and I will live in it for a day? We'll be in there all day?' A bit like when David Blaine did it in London, he was in there for like 50 days or something crazy. I was like, 'We'll rig it with small GoPro cameras, we'll have like a couch in there and we'll just hang out.'"

American illusionist Blaine spent 44 days hanging in a glass box near the River Thames in London in 2003.

The British actor went on to explain that the singer's schedule changed and they could no longer execute the stunt on the day they had been given permission to do it.

"Logistically, it went away, but I think that would have been real fun. I was up for that," Corden said of his idea, before revealing that he hoped Lopez's husband Ben Affleck would make an appearance.

"We were going to see if like Ben Affleck would just come and pop in for half an hour, maybe deliver us our lunch," he shared.

The Late Late Show with James Corden ends on Thursday with special guests Harry Styles and Will Ferrell.