James Bourne buys special shoes to protect knees for Busted's iconic guitar jumps

James Bourne is protecting his knees with the special shoes credit:Bang Showbiz
James Bourne is protecting his knees with the special shoes credit:Bang Showbiz

Busted's James Bourne has purchased special trainers so he can do the band's signature guitar jumps.

The reunited pop punk trio - comprising James and Matt Willis, both 39, and Charlie Simpson, 37 - are hitting the road in September for their 20th anniversary tour, and they've revealed how they are preparing for the road.

Matt told Heat magazine: "Funny you should say that - James has bought some special trainers for his knees."

James continued: "I was speaking to Dougie [Poynter, from McFly and James' McBusted bandmate] and he was saying he's been struggling to jump because he wore bad trainers. It's actually a big deal, choosing the right footwear for stage..."

Matt takes daily ice baths and Charlie - who was recently crowned the winner of TV's 'The Masked Singer UK' as Rhino - keeps in shape but found sitting in freezing water too much.

Charlie said: "I guess keeping fit is good. I've also tried using an ice bath, , as apparently they're good for you. It was horrible.

Matt chipped in: "I do one every day.

"You come up with your best ideas in that ice bath.

"I come up with some good s***. It gives you an instant dopamine hit."

James has taken it one step further and does cryotherapy.

He said: "I've been doing the cryo chamber thing in LA, which is quite nice.

"When you come out, you feel amazing."

Cryotherapy - which has many health benefits such as muscle and injury recovery to weight loss and relief from inflammatory conditions - is popular among stars including Justin Bieber and Take That's Gary Barlow.

The 'You Said No' group's 15-date run kicks off in Plymouth on September 2 and wraps in Manchester on September 24.