James Bay took up life-drawing amid pandemic

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James Bay has taken up life-drawing credit:Bang Showbiz
James Bay has taken up life-drawing credit:Bang Showbiz

James Bay has taken up life-drawing.

The 31-year-old musician took up drawing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and James' girlfriend Lucy has even been posing for his artwork.

He shared: "I got heavily back into drawing. I have always been one to draw. Right before the pandemic started, I did a life-drawing class, and pre-pandemic I liked to do classes now and again.

"It was this continuous line-drawing where you put your pencil on the page and you drew what was in front of you with one line that never left the page - but you would never look at the page.

"It would make all these mad, abstract, trippy drawings. I got really into it so I spent a lot of time in the pandemic looking into a mirror but never looking at the page. Or drawing my girlfriend."

The 'Hold Back the River' hitmaker actually dreams of holding his own art exhibition one day.

James told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "It is a bit of a dream to hold an exhibition one day. I just need to do a lot more drawing."

James became a dad for the first time in October, when Lucy gave birth to a baby girl.

The chart-topping star admits that fatherhood has changed his outlook on life, revealing that it's made him "more ambitious and driven".

James - who has been in a relationship with Lucy since he was 17 - said: "Of course it has changed me. It’s made me more ambitious and driven.

"I need to give as much time and energy to my work as I possibly can - this time for the sake of my family, not just for the sake of the work. It’s all a little overwhelming but utterly wonderful at the same time."

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