Jameela Jamil thinks she might be bisexual as she 'fancies everyone'

Danny Thompson
Actress Jameela Jamil attends the Jameela Jamil and Zumba "SELFish" Event at Casita Hollywood on February 04, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Jameela Jamil has spoken out about her sexuality, speculating she might be bisexual or pansexual as she says she is attracted to “everyone”.

The Good Place actress and former TV presenter officially announced in February she identifies as queer, and umbrella term for someone who is not heterosexual or cisgener.

She has since been open on her sexuality and has spoken of the backlash she has faced.

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In a recent interview she admitted to not being certain if she should be classed as bisexual, pansexual or something else.

Talking to The Times, the 34-year-old said: “People are still kind of stuck in the linear and don’t understand the spectrum of sexuality.

“I guess I’m bisexual, but also quite fancy everyone.

“I don’t know if that means that I’m pansexual. But I don’t just fancy straight men; I fancy everyone,”

When she came out as queer back in February she shared a post titled “Twitter is brutal”.

It read: “This is why I never officially came out as queer.

“I added a rainbow to my name when I felt ready a few years ago, as it’s not easy within the south Asian community to be accepted, and I always answered honestly if ever straight-up asked about it on Twitter.

“But I kept it low because I was scared of the pain of being accused of performative bandwagon jumping, over something that caused me a lot of confusion, fear and turmoil when I was a kid.

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“I didn’t come from a family with *anyone* openly out. It’s also scary as an actor to openly admit your sexuality, especially when you’re already a brown female in your thirties. This is absolutely not how I wanted it to come out.

“I’m jumping off this hell app for a while because I don’t want to read mean comments dismissing this. You can keep your thoughts.”

The Good Place, which also stars Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, is available to stream on Netflix.

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