Jameela Jamil hopes Khloe Kardashian will become 'self-acceptance' role model

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Jameela Jamil hopes Khloe Kardashian will become a "role model for self-acceptance" following her Instagram controversy.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star revealed she has struggled with body image throughout her life and feels under "unbearable" scrutiny to look perfect, after unedited photos of her posing in a bikini were recently released on social media without her permission.

Jameela hopes the reality TV star will now take the opportunity to make a stand against "fake standards" of how women should look.

"We cannot keep treating ourselves and each other like this," The Good Place actress wrote on her Instagram account. "What's happening to her isn't funny. It's sad for everyone.

"May a good thing that comes from it be that at least young girls can breathe knowing they're trying to live up to fake standards, and give themselves a break when they take holiday photos. And may Khloe maybe start to post more unedited photos and be a role model for self-acceptance.

"UGH. Airbrushing ruined the world."

Jameela went on to insist she isn't trying to add any more pressure onto Khloe's shoulders or looking to start a feud with anyone.

The 35-year-old star, who runs the body inclusivity platform I Weigh, believes Khloe was "bullied into this mind state" but hopes she will reconsider promoting unrealistic beauty standards in the future.

"We are all f**ked when we buy into diet culture," Jameela said. "Even though I remain furious at how much this family perpetuates fat-phobia and impossible beauty standards... I TOTALLY see why they're so obsessed with presenting as whatever society's latest ideal of 'perfect' is. Because they were harassed and bullied and scrutinized to within an inch of their lives.

"They may hurt us. But god did society hurt them. So this cycle of anti-feminist behavior has to end on both sides. They have to stop with the lies."

Khloe has refused to stop using filters to edit her photos and videos, insisting it's "her choice" to present herself to the world "the way I want to be seen".