Jameela Jamil blasts Met Gala guests for 'gleefully ignoring' Karl Lagerfeld's controversies

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Jameela Jamil has called out the organisers and attendees of the 2023 Met Gala for participating in "selective cancel culture" by honouring late designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The Good Place actress took to Instagram on Tuesday to accuse those who attended or covered the annual bash of "gleefully ignoring" previous controversies involving the designer, who was honoured with the exhibition, Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.

"Last night Hollywood and fashion said the quiet part out loud when a lot of famous feminists chose to celebrate at the highest level, a man who was so publicly cruel to women, to fat people, to immigrants, and to sexual assault survivors," expressed Jamil.

"Nobody has perfect morals, least of all me, but Jesus Christ we had a year to course correct here, and not award the highest honor possible to a known bigot… and everyone just decided all of a sudden we can separate the art from the artist when *convenient*. And it's one rule for us and another rule for everybody else. Last night we relinquished our right to be taken at all seriously about anything important."

In the caption accompanying her statement, the British actress accused anyone who engaged with the annual fashion event of being "entirely complicit in the erasure of the truth".

She insisted that the Met Gala theme was "the most blatant" example of "how selective cancel culture is within liberal politics" and added, "They replaced their pitchforks with spoons last night, to lap that s**t right up..."

The 37-year-old has made her feelings about Lagerfeld publicly known in the past. Shortly after his death in 2019, she called him "a ruthless, fat-phobic misogynist", and after the Met Gala's theme was announced last year, she described him as "someone who reveled in his own public disdain for marginalized people".

"Why is THIS who we celebrate when there are so many AMAZING designers out there who aren't bigoted white men? What happened to everyone's principles and 'advocacy','" she wrote on social media in October.