Are The Guys Behind Jaffa Cakes Launching A Chocolate Bar?

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Just when you thought Jaffa Cakes couldn't get any better, those cheeky rascals at Jaffa Cake HQ go and hint at a brand-new Jaffa Cakes chocolate bar. Yes, chocolate bar!

Now, this isn't official. The team behind Jaffa Cakes' social handles have simply posted a picture of what a chocolate bar might look like to them.

Although, in response to a comment from @sweetreviewsuk on Instagram asking whether the chocolate bar was real or not, Jaffa Cakes did respond with "it's just on our Dream Wishlist - for now... 😋"

By the looks of things, the chocolate bar appears to be stuffed with Jaffas. Wouldn't that be a dream?

Just last year McVitie's launched Jaffa Cakes Jonuts, the soft ring-shaped doughnuts filled with Jaffa Cakes' signature tangy filling and topped with chocolate, and people went absolutely crazy for them!

They've also been known to launch several flavours, from Orange & Cranberry Jaffa Cakes to Lemon & Lime Jaffa Cakes. But they're yet to step entirely out of the biscuit realm and create their very own chocolate bar. Well, until now... (maybe).

We've had no official information from McVitie's, but we will be reaching out to see if they can offer any comment. So, keep your eyes peeled!

If chocolate is the way to your heart, then you'll be pleased to hear about our latest discovery: Marshmallow Maltesers!

Spotted in B&M and on sale for just £2.99 a bag, these marshmallow-flavoured chocolate treats have caused quite the stir on Instagram and Facebook.

First brought to our attention by John's Snack Reviews on Instagram, followed by Facebook group, Snack Reviews, the Maltesers have collectively gathered over 1,000 likes along with hundreds of comments from fans of the chocolate snack.

Although, people can't figure out whether they like the sound of these or not. Will they taste like s'mores? Will they taste like marshmallow whatsoever? Well, there's only one way to find out...

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