Jade Thirlwall called out Mia's Princess Diaries makeover in the best way

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Photo credit: YouTube
Photo credit: YouTube

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First things first, I'm going to go ahead and say, on the record, that The Princess Diaries is an absolute classic. A belter of a film. An ode to overcoming self-doubt and the expectations of others. A masterpiece on friendship and coming of age. Also, lots of incredible outfits. Also, Anne Hathaway's performance? Flawless. Also, Sandra Oh is in it, ICYMI.

There's no denying that it's worthy of a third film (we're waiting). Also, imagine how Mia would be coping as the sovereign monarch of Genovia in, like COVID? Would she be friends with Meghan and K-Mid? Would she be an influencer? We need answers.

But here's the thing - the first movie, which came out in 2001, is... of its time. AKA, it isn't without the odd problematic comment or scene. Case in point? Mia's transformation.

And Little Mix's Jade Thirwall took to Instagram this week to share a meme which painted her perspective of the transformation. Long story short: she's not cool with the idea that Mia's 'glow-up' relied on straightening her gorgeous curls and removing her glasses.

And heck, does she have a point.

The meme cartoon, which you can see below, was originally created by author Cassandra Calin, who posted the image with the caption "90s and '00s movie makeovers in summary".

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Her own fanbase weighed in with a bunch of comments sharing opinions:

"Literally me with my poofy curly hair and glasses wondering why they thought she wasn’t pretty before! :
"she looked fine before. damn "makeover" montages"

"I want a new makeover sequence where they just get better frames."

You can see the meme as slide number 3 below:

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2021: the year we get a glow-up scene that shows someone building inner confidence, rather than straightening out beautiful natural curls and taking off their glasses?

I'll be here with the popcorn.

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