Jacqueline Jossa defends Portugal trip after backlash

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Jacqueline Jossa has defended her trip to Portugal after facing a backlash on social media.

The actress travelled to the country with her daughters Ella, six, and Mia, two, last week, and revealed that she and her family made a mad dash to the airport to fly home to the U.K. before Portugal goes onto the amber list.

She wanted to leave before 8 June, as from that date, travellers from Portugal have to quarantine for two weeks, and Jacqueline explained her decision in an Instagram Q&A session after facing criticism for her holiday.

"For those asking, Portugal was absolutely fine. You have to wear your masks everywhere. Obviously you have to get tested there, get tested on your way back and get tested here. You have to show all of your stuff as well," the former EastEnders star shared.

"It doesn't go into the amber list until Tuesday so we don't have to quarantine. We've done all our tests and everything was negative so we're all good," she added.

When asked why she travelled in the first place, she fired back: "Because it was okay to do so... I was aloud (sic)... mad I have to say was aloud (sic)... like countries now have traffic life (sic) systems. Mad."

Jacqueline continued: "I wanted to, my life my choice. All the procedures where (sic) in place, was complete safe. All negative tests and forms filled in! Don't worry my hun."

Husband Dan Osborne joined his wife and their two daughters for part of the Portugal trip, and he told his followers after arriving back in the U.K. that he and his children would not be getting the Covid-19 vaccine.