Jacob Elordi Gets Mega Gross With His Own Bathwater Candle

Jacob Elordi got weird with his bathwater candle in the most “Saltburn” way.

On “The Tonight Show” Thursday, host Jimmy Fallon offered the Australian actor an opportunity to smell a “Jacob Elordi’s Bathwater” candle inspired by the deeply creepy bathtub scene from the 2023 film.

Elordi said his “Priscilla” co-star, Cailee Spaeny, had sent him videos of people smelling the candles. “I wanna know who’s making the money!” he quipped, noting he had nothing to do with the creation.

“Do you wanna smell your own candle?” Fallon said.

Elordi obliged and proceeded to pretend to slurp it up, Barry Keoghan-style.

“Smells like a washing room,” Elordi said. “Like detergent.”

Could be worse, huh?

Watch below on “The Tonight Show.”