Jaclyn Hill shuts down body shamers on Twitter like a pro

Gabrielle Dyer
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From Cosmopolitan

To say that Jaclyn Hill has had a tough year would be a bit of an understatement. After launching her highly anticipated makeup line, Jaclyn found herself in the midst of a social media meltdown when various unhappy customers found bits of hair and other unidentified substances in her lipsticks.

Long story short, her entire range had to be recalled, customers were refunded, and she took a long break from social media.

On her return, Jaclyn graciously apologised in a lengthy, heartfelt video titled: 'Where I've Been'. Things seemed to have calmed down, and it looked like she was just getting on with her life.

But, unfortunately, as Jaclyn knows all too well, criticism comes with the beauty YouTuber territory, and once again she's having to defend herself on the internet after nasty Tweets from trolls about her body.

"What happened to your face," rudely questioned several people on Twitter in response to an Instagram story. Jaclyn quickly jumped on Twitter and responded in the best possible way...

“I GAINED WEIGHT!!!! Can you guys please stop body shaming! I don’t even want to log onto social media recently because all I see is comments about looking ‘fat’ & accusing me of getting fillers. Dear God! Thank the lord I have a good support system & self confidence.”

Unfortunately, despite her sassy response she appeared to have still been affected by the horrible comments, and just a day later told Twitter she had woken up with "crippling anxiety for absolutely no reason."

Although she didn't specify if this was a result of the mean body-shaming, she went on to share a sincere message with her followers about dealing with anxiety - something she has struggled with before.

Last week she posted a hilarious picture of herself on Instagram downing red wine in an attempt to prove she's not pregnant - again, in response to what we're assuming was people commenting on her weight.

Honestly, it's about time people gave Jaclyn a break, the poor girl has been through SO much, can we just cut her some slack already!? TY.

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