Jackson Boxer’s Christmas gift guide

 (Artwork by Silvia Prada)
(Artwork by Silvia Prada)

1. KATABA knife

All my favourite knives are from Kataba, handmade by expert craftsmen in Japan. It’s a wonderful shop to visit, full of beautiful, special things, and the knives should last a lifetime. From £98 (

2. Subscription to Luncheon magazine

When I was young I was an avid buyer (and occasional stealer) of magazines. Now I mostly find them very dull, except the wonderful Luncheon, which addresses beauty in art, fashion and food and is in itself a beautiful, provocative object. £50 (


Gala is a jeweller whose work I covet and admire. She has a really long waiting list for commissions, which makes her work all the more desirable. Perhaps one for next Christmas… POA (


I very rarely find lamps or pendants I like. The handpainted table lamps from Palefire are beautiful, tactile and unique; I really like them. £475 (

5. Hellfire, by Black Midi (vinyl)

My favourite album this year, by one of my favourite bands. Great cover art. Bigger is better obviously, and the vinyl sounds exceptional. £23.99, at

6. PERFUMER H scented candle

I have a faintly obsessive interest in scent, and Perfumer H builds some of the most addictive. Possibly file this under the list of gifts I’d rather like to give myself, if I could afford it. From £55 (

7. Cooking, by Jeremy Lee

So many recipe books get published, yet there are so few I’d want to cook from, fewer still I’d want to read. Jeremy’s book is a superb collection of things you’d want to eat, clear instruction in how to make them and magical, imaginative writing. £30 (HarperCollins)

8. Small Fires, by Rebecca May Johnson

The most compelling book about cooking I’ve read this year, perhaps ever. Rebecca is a writer of extraordinary intelligence and wit, and I would push this book with feverish enthusiasm into the hands of anyone who spends time in the kitchen. £14.99 (

9. TEA SCHOOL TASTING SESSION at Postcard Teas I drink a lot of tea at home, but never enjoy it nearly so much as when I’m sitting at Postcard, on the receiving end of a masterclass in tea origin and terroir. Utterly transportative. £15-30 (

10. KOUTTONE panettone

Between me and my parents we make absolutely everything for the Christmas table — especially the magnificent Christmas cake and pudding, which we slowly demolish over several days. The exception is a panettone, which, after a single disastrous attempt, I’ve never tried to make myself. Instead I buy mine from the incredible baker Cem Altinsoy’s Kouttone. The best I’ve ever eaten, hands down. Taking orders