These Jacket Potato Toppings Will Upgrade Your Baked Potato Game

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Photo credit: Getty Images

I know of a genius who keeps a back-up jacket potato (a BACKet potato if you will) in their fridge at all times in case of food emergencies. It’s true – a baked potato is a salve for all manner of crises from break ups and job losses to burn outs and pandemic-related anxiety. A reassuring carby cuddle, the perfect jacket potato has a comforting aroma and a soothing fluffy middle. Better yet, it’s the perfect vehicle for a scrumptious topping!

I recommend rubbing olive oil and salt on your potatoes before baking to achieve an extra-crispy, salty skin (here’s a baked potato recipe with the deets and an A-Z guide on all the different ways to make jacket potatoes).

A generous dollop of beans paired with cheddar cheese is my favourite jacket potato topping but sometimes a girl likes to branch out a little. Here are some great ideas to inspire you for the next time you make a baked potato:

Taco baked potatoes

Split open your fluffy potato and pile in guacamole, sour cream, jalapeños, and grated cheddar. Finally, crunch over a small handful of tortilla chips and a sprinkling of spicy fajita seasoning for a vegetarian taco-inspired lunch.

Burger baked spuds

Top your potato with a mixture of ground beef sautéed with onions before piling on iceberg lettuce, fresh red onions, toasted sesame seeds and cheese. Finish with a drizzle of home-made burger sauce (blend mayo, mustard and chopped gherkins with some of the pickle juice from the gherkin jar. The sauce in this homemade Big Mac Burger recipe is also a cracker).

Photo credit: Westend61 - Getty Images
Photo credit: Westend61 - Getty Images

Pastrami Reuben baked potato

Mix shredded pastrami, sauerkraut, chopped gherkins and Thousand Island dressing together. Pile onto your potato and top with a packet of crushed ready salted crisps.

Baked potato poutine

Traditionally made with fries, poutine is a delicious combo of chips, cheese, and gravy. Why not be a maverick and switch the fries for a baked potato? The hot savoury gravy and the steam from the split jacket results in the gooiest of cheese pulls.

Leeky, mushroom twice baked jackets

Scoop the flesh out of your potato and reserve the skin. Mash the cooked potato with leeks and mushroom sauteed slowly in butter and seasonings before piling back into the skins, covering with grated cheddar, and grilling for a crispy top.

Rotisserie chicken and peanut potato

Shred up leftover rotisserie chicken and mix with peanut butter, soy, and sweet chilli for a chicken satay style jacket potato.

Vibrant tuna mayo jackets

Pimp up a basic tuna mayo topping by adding finely chopped celery, grated carrot, red onion and cracked black pepper. The vegetables add a delicious crunch, colour and flavour.

Photo credit: iko636 - Getty Images
Photo credit: iko636 - Getty Images

Spicy Gochujang potatoes

Fry minced chicken, pork, or beef until browned before adding a splash of soy and a dollop of gochujang. Pile this spicy mixture into your potato and strew over some spring onions and thinly sliced red cabbage.

Labneh and honey sweet potatoes

Top sweet potatoes with thick labneh, chilli flakes, lemon zest and flaky salt before drizzling over some honey.

Katsu chicken potatoes

Make your own katsu sauce by blending a mixture of sauteed onions and carrots, curry powder, soy, honey, rice vinegar and chicken stock. Split and scoop the flesh from your potato, mix it with the katsu sauce and pile it back into the potato skins. Top with slices of panko coated chicken breast before drizzling over more sauce and a touch of crispy chilli oil.

Curry baked potatoes

Leftover curry is the business when served in a fluffy jacket potato. Shred it up with a fork and top with a cooling sauce made with Greek yoghurt, finely chopped mint, and grated cucumber.

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