Jackass star Steve-O wants a boob job for his live tour

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Steve-O wants to get some work done credit:Bang Showbiz
Steve-O wants to get some work done credit:Bang Showbiz

Steve-O wants to get breast implants for his live tour.

The 'Jackass' star - who has earned a reputation for wild and daring stunts as part of the iconic franchise - is keen to go under the knife to shock audiences at his live shows.

On a recent episode of the 'Steve-O's Wild Ride' podcast, he asked 'Botched' plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow: "I’ve been dying to ask you about this, what can you tell me about men getting breast implants?”

"I’m at a point with all of my crazy antics that the bar is so high that I’m actually planning for my next tour.

“And for my next tour I’ve decided that it’s called the ‘Steve-O’s Gone Too Far’ tour, and I’m just trying to be so crazy, and one of my ideas is to get breast implants.”

The 47-year-old star would love to get a boob job and film the whole process over a few months before screening it during one of his live shows.

He took his top off for the surgeon to look at his pectorals, and admitted he wants "to go as big as" possible.

Terry responded: "You have enough room, you could probably do a D or double D. If you keep it in for six months, that’s getting maybe past the point where your skin will retract.

"So you might want to do a C-cup, and then get them out after three to six months and you won’t have to have a skin-reducing procedure and a bunch of scars.”

Meanwhile, Steve-O also revealed his goals of crashing a car into a wall to test the air bags, but he's worried about the potential impact it could have on his new bust if he goes ahead with the procedure.

He said: "I recently bought a smart car for the purpose of crashing it into a brick wall to make sure that the airbags work…

"After I get my boob job, I want to crash the car into a wall to do a fun bag test.”

Terry replied: “They won’t get injured, breast implants are incredibly tough.”