Jack Monroe asks followers to stop telling her she ‘looks thin’

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Jack Monroe has called on her followers to stop sending her messages to say that she “looked thin” during a TV appearance.

On Friday morning, the writer and campaigner appeared onGood Morning Britain to discuss energy companies that have announced record profts amid the cost of living crisis.

“This is the doomsday scenario that you were predicting, you and Martin Lewis and others have been looking into this for a long time,” she said, addressing the presenters.

“When you see these record profits today, and Centrica saying ‘we’ve suspended our dividends to our shareholders and it’s the first year we’re doing it, we’re only giving them small amounts’, what do you think?”

While the 34-year-old received plenty of praise for her words, she also received criticism about her appearance.

On Twitter, Monroe posted about some of the messages she had receiving in her DMs, and top her followers to stop commenting on her body.

“Please stop DMing me to tell me I looked thin on TV this morning,” the tweet began.

“I had my heart smashed to bits, have worked 100ish hour weeks since January, am in a slogging pit of depression right now.”

Monroe went on by reassuring her followers that she was looking after herself.

“I dress myself every morning, I know what my body looks like. I’m on the mend, I promise,” she wrote.

The tweet has received more than 17,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“Wouldn’t have dreamt of doing so,” replied one person. “Was far more interested in what you were saying than how you looked.

“That you were able to get yourself into the TV studio at such an early hour is credit to your strength of commitment to the cause - and personality. Hats off to you.”

Monroe replied to the tweet, writing: “All credit to my friend Cass who dropped me round a monstrously shrill alarm clock last night when I said I was worried I might not wake up in time…!!

“That plus two phone alarms, my clock radio, and my old alarm clock was an absolute cacophony of noise this morning - it worked!!”

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