Jack Harlow and Sinqua Walls argue about Spike Lee in first White Men Can't Jump teaser

It's Paul Thomas Anderson versus Spike Lee in the first teaser for 20th Century Studios' White Men Can't Jump remake.

The new spot introduces Jack Harlow and Sinqua Walls as this generation's pair of basketball hustlers, and the two quarrel over their favorite filmmakers while on the court.

"I am like the P.T. Anderson of basketball psychological warfare," Harlow's character, Jeremy, says to Walls' Kamal, who responds, "Who is P.T. Anderson?" He's only "our greatest living director," according to Jeremy.

"Spike Lee is our greatest living director," Kamal counters, to which Jeremy says: "Spike Lee's not even a good Knicks fan!"

The new White Men Can't Jump is directed by Charles Kidd II, a.k.a. Calmatic, working from a script by Kenya Barris and Doug Hall.

The original film was released in 1992, helmed by Ron Shelton and starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes as street hoops hustlers who team up for a tournament promising a cash prize.

Ahead of the film's 30th anniversary last year, Harrelson, Snipes, and costar Rosie Perez reunited at the Oscars, where they received a lengthy standing ovation. "I almost burst into tears," Perez told EW of the reception. She added that while she and her costars hadn't been contacted to appear in the remake, she fully supported it.

"I want it to work because if it works, it really cements White Men Can't Jump as a classic," Perez said. "And I wish everybody would be rooting for the same."

Snipes, who has called his time on the film "one of the fondest experiences of my professional life," also expressed a willingness to return. "If Woody's in, then I'm in," he told EW for the film's 25th anniversary, following early news of a reboot. "Better believe though, no matter the age, we'll take down those young cats."

White Men Can't Jump premieres May 19 on Hulu. Watch the first teaser above.

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