Jack Antonoff: 'Taylor Swift's belief in me is why our partnership works'

Jack Antonoff has praised frequent collaborator Taylor Swift for putting "an amazing amount of belief" in him.

The pair have worked together on hits like Getaway Car, August and Mirrorball, and have a firm friendship outside of work too - with Taylor a guest at Bleachers frontman Jack's recent wedding to Margaret Qualley.

In a new interview on Today's Sunday Sitdown, hitting screens this weekend, the 39-year-old chatted with Willie Geist about their bond.

“I could quantify our relationship in very reductive ways about the things we agree on, the sounds we like. But the truth is, we’ve just grown together," he put simply. "She put an amazing amount of belief in me. And it’s powerful. Powerful for someone to... just like the way we met where I was working and I was loving what I was doing but sort of the industry was like 'You can't produce this' and she was like 'No, you produce this' and that relationship has gone on and on."

He also spoke about the much-loved clip of the two of them working on Getaway Car which featured in 33-year-old Taylor's documentary Miss Americana.

"That video is popular for the perfect reason - that is the only time in my life, from the million hours I’ve spent in studios that a camera was ever on... when magic actually happened," he recalled. "And she just had her iPhone on for whatever reason. And I think that’s why that video became so popular because it was real.

"I've had all these experiences where this crazy kinetic energy is happening and you're writing on the fly and you're getting it. It was just a real moment and I don't why her phone was on but thank god it was. And I've never had anything like that."