J-Lo Says She Was Meant To Be Part Of Madonna And Britney’s Legendary 2003 VMAs Kiss

britney madonna jlo kiss
J-Lo Confirms Rumour About 2003 VMAs KissGetty Images

Remember 2003? Well, vaguely at least? It was the year of Finding Nemo, Chicago's big Oscars win, the launch of America's Next Top Model and The O.C. – while fashion-wise, it was the era of UGG boots, denim skirts and the Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami monogram bag, that was released for the first time that year.

It all feels like a distant and foggy memory of happier, simpler, Instagram-less times... One event, however, that we couldn't possibly forget from that fateful year is *that* legendary kiss at the VMAs.

britney madonna jlo kiss
Christopher Polk - Getty Images

We're talking about Britney Spears' iconic performance, of course, in which she emerged from a wedding cake in a white lacy mini-dress to sing Madonna's Like A Virgin to open the show – before being joined by Christina Aguilera and the Queen of Pop herself, who launched into a rendition of Hollywood.

Fans around the world were scandalised (and invariably delighted) when Madonna leaned over to kiss Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on stage during the performance – and it became one of the most talked-about Awards moments ever. One thing we didn't realise, though, was that the whole thing was actually supposed to go very differently...

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During a recent interview with E! News, Jennifer Lopez revealed that she was originally supposed to be part of the performance – but ended up having to drop out. When asked about the rumours about her supposedly joining Madonna and Britney on-stage, Lopez confirmed it was true: 'I was filming a movie in Canada and we met – me, her [Madonna] and Britney – to do it at her home,' said Lopez. 'And then I just couldn't get off the film, so we couldn't do it. So then they got Christina Aguilera to do it.'

Here's hoping she gets a second chance during Madonna's upcoming 'Celebration' world tour...

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