Izzy and Harry Judd expecting a baby boy

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Izzy and Harry Judd credit:Bang Showbiz
Izzy and Harry Judd credit:Bang Showbiz

Harry and Izzy Judd are expecting a baby boy.

The couple - who already have Lola, five, and Kit, three, together - will welcome their third child into the world in October but the McFly drummer admitted his wife is already "desperate" to give birth because she's found this pregnancy tough.

He told MailOnline: "We are so excited! But my wife is just desperate to give birth. She has found this third pregnancy a lot harder than the others."

But Harry hopes things will get easier once the baby arrives as his older kids will be at school.

He said: "My son is four in August - so hopefully with those two at school and the baby at home, it might be a little easier.

"It was stressful when my daughter was 19 months old and then we had my son, it was full on for those two years!"

The 'All About You' hitmaker knows having kids is "stressful" but he and Izzy were keen to have another as they thought they'd have more regrets if they didn't.

He said: "They say having kids is the most stressful thing you ever do but also the most amazing. There's a fine line but we wanted to have another one.

"For me, when I'm older and having more children is not possible, we might've regretted not having another one. But you can never regret having one."

Harry has had to change his exercise habits since becoming a father as it is easier to find the time to work out at home rather than visit the gym.

He said: "My approach to exercise had to change a bit when I had kids. So now I am doing a lot more home-based exercise. I'll be on the exercise bike for half an hour, rather than spending an hour and a half at the gym like I did pre-kids.

"It is tough keeping fit - it's bloody stressful! Like nutrition - it's a minefield. It's complicated, you read contradictory things every day.

"I do all that now based on instinct. You know when you haven't moved enough or when you've eaten too much. I had to stop training like that because I found it counterproductive...

"I didn't enjoy trying to reach my goals and became obsessed with the outcome. I enjoy life more when I'm not obsessing!"

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