I've Worn Nothing But Leggings for the Past Year—These Ones Are Flattering

Hannah Almassi
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Let's just get one thing very clear from the start: I am not a "leggings person." Tight, figure-hugging jersey trousers have been my nemesis for some time, as I don't consider myself to have good legs and I'd much prefer to keep them shrouded in tailored trousers, midi skirts or long dresses and tights. However, after having a baby over a year ago and struggling to recover after an emergency C-section and various other complications, I found that the only comfortable and nice-looking option to wear during a cold, tiring winter was black leggings + black roll neck + nice coat. This formula meant I could go out for long, long walks with my baby and not look too shabby. It meant that I could (eventually) roll around on the floor playing silly games. It meant I could just take the thought process of getting dressed out of the equation, because there were (and still are) so many other more important things to consider each day.

By trial and error I found that many black leggings were either see-through (go too cheap and you'll always risk this), uncomfortable (a pair with a really thick waistband really took me by surprise) or too sporty-looking and shiny to wear with your normal clothes. One particular pair were constantly sold-out on NET-A-PORTER and I'd heard on the fashion grapevine that they were a secret weapon for many, so I had to investigate further into the world of Spanx's leggings. At first I thought they'd be akin to the shapewear brand's firming, super-taut underwear pieces—which felt like the very antithesis of what I needed at the time—but the Look At Me Now leggings are cut from a thick but supple hosiery-like matt-black jersey that sculpt and lift whilst feeling incredibly soft and easy to wear.

They don't pinch, they don't have seams (so they're very smooth-looking) and they are 100% NOT see-through (a deal-breaker). Yes, they are more expensive than a 2-pack from ASOS, but if you're wearing leggings on the regular and have become a bit of a connoisseur, then I'd highly recommend these and I have done to anyone who has cared to ask.

With plain black leggings now considered to be a more high-fashion part of our wardrobes, it's no surprise that these particular versions (you can get them in an extra-high waist, leather-finish, cycling shorts and more) continue to be hard to find in stock online. Over the past month searches on fashion shopping app, Lyst, have risen by 22% for Spanx leggings, so I'm currently not alone in my niche shopping interest—postnatal or not, these leggings are clearly are a win.

Many months later and mine still look brand new—no bobbling, no wear around the thighs or bum, no sagging. Now that my old wardrobe is coming back into play again I've been experimenting with how I can combine a practical element that I still need (crazy toddler running around in puddles doesn't lend itself to cute silk frocks and heels) with the more interesting items I own.

Quality black leggings are also a good party-at-home option. We've noticed girls all over IG employing them for this reason, combing comfy pants with little heels and statement knits, blouses or jackets.

Keep scrolling to shop the Spanx Look At Me Now leggings, as well as more of the brand's offering. And if they're sold out, don't forget to add your name to a restock email list—that's how I got hold of mine!

Spanx Look at Me Now Stretch-Jersey Leggings (£58)

Spanx Look at Me Now Stretch-Jersey Leggings (£68)

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Spanx Like Leather Faux Stretch-Leather Pants (£130)

Spanx Luxe Leg 60 Denier Shaping Tights (£26)

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Spanx Spanx Look at Me Now Leggings (£58)

Spanx 4-Pocket High-Rise Skinny Stretch-Ponté Trousers (£96)

Spanx Jean-Ish Cotton-Blend Leggings (£89)

Spanx Quilted Faux Leather Leggings (£96)

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