I've Lost 50 Pounds After Having a Baby - Here's How I Did It

Emilee Janitz

Getting in shape and losing weight is never easy. Throw a totally dependent newborn into the mix and a body that's still recovering from childbirth, and it can even seem impossible. Here's the good news: it's not. I'm still on my postpartum fitness journey, but I'm incredibly proud of myself for dropping 50 pounds in roughly five months. Sure, my baby gets credit for approximately nine pounds and, if I'm being totally honest, I think I was carrying at least another 15 pounds of water weight (those early pounds came off fast). That being said, I take full, proud credit for the rest.

It wasn't easy and results didn't come overnight - in fact, one to two pounds per week is considered healthy for weight loss, and it's typical to take a year to lose the baby weight - but consistency and hard work ultimately won out. Here are some of my tips for achieving weight-loss success after having a baby.