ITV Love Island fans 'work out' Ellie's real motive as they issue warning to Ciaran

Love Island viewers are feeling uneasy for Ciaran Davies after the events of Friday night's show.

Despite not coupling up with any of the lovely ladies from Casa Amor, he has managed to get back on Nicole Samuel's wrong side.

This follows the sultry Ellie Jackson revealing to Nicole some home truths about her beau's past. Whilst Ciaran admitted to messaging Ellie previously, it seems like he conveniently omitted just how intimate these chats were.

Ellie claimed that they shared months of deep conversation before a chance meeting on a night out - something Nicole was miffed about to learn second-hand. Demanding clarity from her man in a private chat, Nicole sought every detail of his previous interaction with Ellie.

Stumped, he maintained his stance that there wasn't as much between Ellie and him as Nicole had been led to believe, reports the Mirror.

Ciaran found himself in a spot of trouble on Friday night
Ciaran Davies found himself in a spot of trouble on Friday night -Credit:ITV

He asserted, "Nothing happened between me and her, I was not at all involved with Ellie, I was not."

His denial didn't convince Nicole who believed he was omitting details. Thus, Ciaran decided to confront Ellie to clarify matters once and for all.

Accusing Ellie of exaggerating their exchanges, she retorted, "I never said anything happened between us, you just weren't honest. You said it was a couple of DM's."

"I'm not being dishonest here, I've sung your praises to her. You don't remember a lot to be fair. You don't remember seeing me on a night out, you don't remember asking me to come down. You literally sent me videos of your dogs on Snapchat, I'm not being funny."

Nicole was less than impressed with Ciaran's antics
Nicole Samuel was less than impressed with Ciaran's antics -Credit:ITV

As the tension escalated on Love Island, fans were quick to sound the alarm for Ciaran, suspecting Ellie is out to shake up his budding romance with Nicole.

Fans flocked to Twitter to voice their concerns, with one posting: "Ciaran needs to run." Another echoed the sentiment, saying: "Ciaran needs to run for the hills man. Can't be reassuring this grown woman every single second of the day."

Love Island fans think Ellie wants to cause a rift between Ciaran and Nicole
Love Island fans think Ellie Jackson wants to cause a rift between Ciaran and Nicole -Credit:ITV

Another tweet read: "Ciaran just run whilst you still have the chance man." While a different fan pointed out: "Ellie is clearly bitter that Ciaran and Nicole are the strongest couple and that he remained loyal in Casa."

Yet another viewer chimed in: "Ellie wanted Ciaran to pick her now she's bitter an stirring." As someone else queried: "Does Ellie want Ciaran? It's giving she's mad he isn't giving her any attention."

Love Island continues weeknights on 9pm