It's Getting Stormy: The Best Baby Names Inspired By The Weather

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(Photo: Mkovalevskaya via Getty Images)
(Photo: Mkovalevskaya via Getty Images)

We all love to talk about the weather – to moan about it getting cold and wet, to celebrate when it turns hot and sultry; only to then moan again about it getting too stifling.

Still, when it comes to instant conversational ice-breakers, what’s going on in the skies above us is always number one.

And what better inspiration for a name for your little one than one that screams dazzling storms, powerful thunder or radiating sunshine?

We have a wealth of baby name inspiration on HuffPost UK Parents, but here are 10 elemental ideas for your newborn.


12 Baby Names Beautifully Inspired By The Four Seasons

(Photo: Mkovalevskaya via Getty Images)
(Photo: Mkovalevskaya via Getty Images)


This pretty name means ‘sea storm’, and can also be spelled Gayle or Gail.


This powerful name comes from the Old English, and means ‘tempest’.


The name Talia comes from the Arabic for ‘dew of heaven’ or ‘rain from heaven’.


Eira originates from the Norse goddess ‘Eir’, and means ‘snow’ in Welsh.


Misty means ‘covered with mist’ or ‘covered with dew’ and is popular in America.


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(Photo: FamVeld via Getty Images)
(Photo: FamVeld via Getty Images)


Can be a masculine or feminine name, and means ‘star’, ‘compassion’, ‘pearl of wisdom’ and ‘leader’.


The name Rain, which is perfect for the start of autumn, means ‘abundant blessings from above’.


Meaning ‘peace’, Sol can also be derived from the Spanish word for ‘sun’.


In Hebrew, this name means ‘flash of lightning’.


The unusual name Coro comes from the name of a city in Venezuela, which in turn is believed to come from an indigenous word for ‘wind’.


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