Is Cuba The Most Stylish Olympic Team Of 2016?

[Photo: Instagram/louboutinworld]

The Olympics at Rio 2016 is tiptoeing closer, and we’re beginning to see what the games will look like this year.

And importantly, what this year’s celebratory outfits will look like - a race which Cuba appears to have already won.

The team of 120 has been outfitted by Christian Louboutin, featuring tailored beige jackets for the women and red for the men.

They also feature a five-point star as an emblem of good luck.

[Photo: Instagram/louboutinworld]

Shoe-wise, the women will wear the kitten-heeled ‘Naza Sandal’ and the men a hi-top sneaker or ‘Naza Star’ loafer.

The outfits were designed with the help of Henri Tai, a former professional handball player.

[Photo: Instagram/louboutinworld]

Tai told Elle:“The clothes need to fit spectacular athlete bodies – they are definitely not sample size or average, neither in length of limbs, nor in proportions.

“It was our mission to make them look tailor-fitted and great.”

Other teams’ celebratory outfits have produced mixed reactions, however. The US’ look by Ralph Lauren, for one, hasn’t been so popular on social media.

[Photo: Instagram/Ralph Lauren]

Unveiled on the Today Show, one commenter amymorris_711 said on Ralph Lauren’s Instagram: “Looks like three pampered kids from the Hamptons! (sic) What athlete would wear that lol?”

Zerohexagon, meanwhile, said: “Ew, these are horrible”.

Despite this, Ralph Lauren’s photograph has almost 28,000 likes on Instagram.

As for France, Lacoste has kitted the country’s team out, which has also proven popular online.

[Photo: Instagram/Lacoste]

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