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Pailettes sequins helps create a dramatic sleeve from the front. And from the back, the floral appliqué ribbon floats graceful over a bare back.  Photos: Imaxtree

Is Couture Worth It? Yes, You Just Need to Look Closely

Dora Fung
Market Director

There have been endless debates about the relevance of haute couture— especially in this era of fast fashion. What’s the point of making clothes that take weeks to embroider, days to assemble and only the mega rich can afford to even gawk at? Not to mention the fact that the profit on the clothes is said to be next to nothing

Yes, it seems excessive, a fashion folly for some very rich housewives. But look closely at the details—  the sparkling pailettes, artisanal beading, the layers and layers or organza—and you’ll soon realize how much craftsmanship, consideration and devotion go into the making of the clothes. (Not convinced? Just watch “Dior and I”). Indeed, couture is ready for it’s close up. A look at some the best details.

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