The Irregulars cast were "gutted" this character was cut from the show

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Supernatural Victorian drama The Irregulars only just dropped on Netflix, and we're already completely obsessed. The drama, the costumes and particularly the characters - what's not to love? Well, according to the cast the show actually once included another character who was cut from the series early on.

In a recent interview Jojo Macari (Billy) and McKell David (Spike) spoke about a character named Teddy, who sadly never made it into the show and explained they were "gutted" he didn't make the final cut.

"Me [Macari], McKell and Harrison [Osterfield] go and find this kid, Teddy, on the street, and we sort of take him under our wing, and we bring him in, and train him up. But he bit the dust, sadly," Macari told Digital Spy.

"Little Teddy! We’ll miss little Teddy," David added. "We thought it would be nice to get little Teddy in."

Macari continued, "I think [series creator] Tom Bidwell just has… His brain is going constantly – the ideas are just flying out all over the shop ... He had some wild, wild theories and ideas, because, I guess, it’s a series that’s been going around in his head for so long, you know? So I think there was lots of stuff that even we weren’t aware of – potential things flying around."

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The series follows a gang of "troubled street teens" living in 221B Baker Street as they solve a series of mysteries in order to protect London. Of course, it's Netflix so the gang are up against supernatural forces.

The series is going down particularly well on Twitter, especially with fans who've spotted the striking similarity between actor Harrison Osterfield, and another actor - James McAvoy.

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