Ireland Baldwin monitors blood pressure at home amid severe anxiety attacks

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  • Ireland Baldwin
    Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin monitors her blood pressure with an at-home machine when she is suffering from severe anxiety.

On Thursday, the model took to Instagram to post a photo of her holding a blood pressure monitor and explained in the accompanying caption that she finds using the device to be helpful whenever she is battling the disorder.

"I am posting this for whoever suffers with anxiety and anxiety disorders like I do. I ordered a blood pressure monitor to accurately read my heart rate and blood pressure because I live in a constant fear that I'm dying from a heart attack... also known as cardiophobia. The heart palpitations and chest pain brought on by your typical anxiety attack convinces me that I am a 26-year-old with an underlying heart condition that I don't have," she began.

Ireland, who is the daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, went on to share that she doesn't take medication as she doesn't "believe in it" but understands why others do.

And while she has met with all sorts of anxiety specialists and is doing "breath work", nothing brings her "more comfort" than an electrocardiogram (ECG).

"To answer your question, yes... my anxiety has gotten SO BAD in the past that I have called ambulances and have had hospital visits where paramedics and doctors assure me my heart is ok. I know it may seem silly to you, but this little machine has brought me the utmost comfort. I just want anyone who suffers from their own anxieties to know that I am here and you are not alone. It can be so embarrassing and isolating at times," the 26-year-old continued.

To conclude her post, Ireland insisted she didn't want others who struggle with similar symptoms to feel alone, and that her goal for 2022 is not to let anxiety "get in my way".

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