iPhone with the best battery life revealed in new test of Apple phones

The new iPhone 15 displayed at Apple’s headquarters  (AFP via Getty Images)
The new iPhone 15 displayed at Apple’s headquarters (AFP via Getty Images)

Battery life is arguably the most important feature for general phone buyers. Yes, performance and camera quality are important, but if your mobile keeps dying on you then none of the other perks ultimately matter.

With that in mind, the results of a new real-life test of Apple’s recent crop of iPhones could help you pick out your next smartphone.

Popular YouTube channel “Mrwhosetheboss” put seven iPhones through their paces to see which one had the most juice - and the outright winner was surprising, to say the least. The handsets being tested included almost every single iPhone from the iPhone 13 Pro onwards. That specific model from 2021 was the reigning champ, but it was dethroned in the latest trial.

As part of the test, the iPhones ran numerous apps and features over the course of the day as their battery power gradually ticked down. All the usual culprits made an appearance, from TikTok to YouTube to Zoom. Throughout the examination, the iPhones had their wifi and Bluetooth switched on, and brightness set to high, but their audio was off.

Which iPhone has the best battery life?

Without further ado, here is the final ranking with the battery power duration for each iPhone listed next to it.


  • 1. iPhone 15 Plus (13 hours and 19 minutes)

  • 2. iPhone 15 Pro Max (11 hours and 41 minutes)

  • 3. iPhone 13 Pro Max (11 hours and 19 minutes)

  • 4. iPhone 14 Pro Max (10 hours and 54 minutes)

  • 5. iPhone 15 (9 hours and 57 minutes)

  • 6. iPhone 15 Pro (9 hours and 20 minutes)

  • 7. iPhone 14 (9 hours and 2 minutes)

As you can see, the iPhone 15 Plus (£899) beat out its siblings  - including the rest of the new iPhone 15 range - to be crowned the iPhone with the best battery life.

Ultimately, it had over three hours more power than the pricier iPhone 15 Pro (£999), which wound up second from last. The iPhone 15 Plus even topped the iPhone 15 Pro Max (£1,199), Apple’s most expensive iPhone ever.

iPhone 15 Plus vs iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

So, why did it finish ahead of the high-end Pro models? It could be because it has a hefty battery size (4,383 mAh) with a less demanding processor than the pricer iPhones (an A16 compared to an A17 Pro on the Pros).

Apple boasts that the chip found inside its Pro models is made using a cutting-edge manufacturing process, and is three times more efficient than the competition. But, it seems those gains are being superseded by its push to get more performance out of the processor, which helps with things like running more powerful games.

Compared to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus also lack the energy-saving ProMotion feature. The tech can essentially adjust the screen’s refresh rate based on how much activity is happening on the display. This helps to save power when you’re on a static web page versus a video.

All told, if you’re in the market for a new iPhone, and battery life is your top concern, then the iPhone 15 Plus appears to be the handset for you. Of course, you’ll also get a 6.7-inch screen, a faster processor than the iPhone 14, and USB-C so you can use the same charger as an Android phone, and even power other devices from your iPhone.

Those new additions combined with its stellar performance are why we awarded the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus a maximum five-star rating in our review.