iOS 15 Safari update: How to fix the address bar

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Woman checking iOS 15 updates on Safari.
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Apple just released iOS 15, with a bevy of new features for an enhanced iPhone experience. Some of these updates were eagerly anticipated, like the new Weather App, new privacy features and Focus Mode. But some updates, not so much. Safari was redesigned in a way that Apple claims to “make controls easier to reach with one hand and puts content front and center.” But for some users, it just breaks the familiar Safari experience.

(PHOTO: Paolo Lacuna/Yahoo Life SEA)
Safari address bar at the bottom of the screen with iOS 15 (PHOTO: Paolo Lacuna/Yahoo Life SEA)

Safari looks broken and upside down! The Address bar is now at the bottom. From a usability perspective, it makes sense - the address bar joining the controls at the bottom makes it easy to reach for one-handed use.

Some users may not like it, but the fix is easier than you think. It just takes 3 simple steps to do:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your iPhone

Step 2: Search or scroll to Safari (where else?)

Step 3: Scroll to the Tabs section, and switch from Tab Bar to Single Tab

(PHOTO: Paolo Lacuna/Yahoo Life SEA)
How you can fix the Safari address bar for iOS 15 (PHOTO: Paolo Lacuna/Yahoo Life SEA)

And you’re done! Enjoy Safari the way you’ve always had - Address Bar at the top.

(PHOTO: Paolo Lacuna/Yahoo Life SEA)
Safari address bar fixed to the top after changing settings (PHOTO: Paolo Lacuna/Yahoo Life SEA)

Note: The address bar and navigation controls at the bottom of the screen is not a bad idea. Give it a try. The address bar may not be at a familiar spot and can be confusing, but it’s easier to reach now. You might even like it too.

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