Ioan Gruffudd’s daughter accuses his girlfriend Bianca Wallace of ‘slamming door’ on her head

The daughter of Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd has accused his girlfriend, actor Bianca Wallace, of “abuse”, alleging that she “slammed a door” in her head and left her with “bruises” as she tried to flee a heated argument.

Ella Evans, 13, whom Gruffudd shares with his estranged wife and fellow actor Alice Evans, made the claims while filing for a restraining order against her father and Wallace in a Los Angeles court earlier this month,

In the filing, which was made on 31 May, Ella requests a restraining order against Wallace for five years for both herself and her nine-year-old sister Elsie, stating that she “is afraid that [she] will abuse and/or continue to allow abuse to happen to my sister too”, according to documents obtained byThe Daily Mail.

The order request includes a statement submitted as a declaration to support Ella’s case, in which she recounts the incident that allegedly took place last month when she met Wallace for the first time.

“On Friday, May 26, 2023, I was at the West Hollywood Police Station which is where my parents make custody exchanges,” the document states, according to the publication.

“’My father picked me up, and he eventually drove me and my sister to his apartment for our overnight [stay].

“I saw that my dad’s girlfriend, the Respondent, was at the apartment. I had known of the Respondent, but I had never met her before. I was so mad at my dad because this was an overnight visit, and I had told him in the past that I didn’t want to meet his girlfriend who was now his live-in girlfriend.”

Ella goes on to claim that she was “so upset” with her father that she “threw milk on his bed, poured mustard on the floor, and threw raw oatmeal on him”.

Ioan Gruffudd and girlfriend Bianca Wallace (@iambiancawallace via Instagram)
Ioan Gruffudd and girlfriend Bianca Wallace (@iambiancawallace via Instagram)

In response, she said her father and Wallace allegedly called her “manipulative”, “abusive” and “narcissistic”.

Ella said she had “decided she couldn’t be in that apartment anymore” and attempted to leave, claiming that Wallace “tried to block her” by “raising her arms”.

“I was able to make my way around her, and I opened the door,” the document reportedly continues. “I was able to walk halfway out the door, but while I was still in the door frame, the Respondent slammed the door on me, causing the door to hit me on the head as well as my arm. My arm got bruised, and I had small bump on my head.”

Ella is requesting that the court grant her a five-year restraining order against Wallace, which would prevent the 30-year-old from going within 100 yards of Ella and her sister.

Gruffudd and Evans, who has appeared in British sports-comedy Blackball, and in episodes of the hit supernatural teen drama series, The Vampire Diaries, are currently going through a bitter custody battle following their split.

Gruffudd is known for his early roles in James Cameron’s Titanic and as the lead in Hornblower. He later rose to wider fame opposite Clive Owen and Keira Knightly in the 2004 historical adventure film Lancelot, as Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic in the 2005 superhero movie Fantastic Four, and in ITV’s critically acclaimed series Liar.

The Titanic actor and Evans announced they were separating in early 2021, 20 after they first started dating. In October of that year, Gruffudd went Instagram official with Wallace, with whom he stars in ​​A Ray of Sunshine, a film about multiple sclerosis.

In February 2022, Gruffudd filed for a restraining order against Evans to prevent her from having any contact with him or his new girlfriend. ​​

He was granted the restraining order later that year, which also prohibited his estranged wife from posting about him on social media after he alleged that Evan threatened to make false public accusations about him.