Ioan Gruffudd’s 13-year-old daughter claims she’s ‘afraid’ of actor

Ioan Gruffudd’s teenage daughter claims she is ‘afraid’ of the actor credit:Bang Showbiz
Ioan Gruffudd’s teenage daughter claims she is ‘afraid’ of the actor credit:Bang Showbiz

Ioan Gruffudd’s teenage daughter claims she is “afraid” of the actor.

Ella Evans, 13, made the claim in publicly-available legal documents as part of a domestic violence restraining order application against her dad, 49, which she lodged on 31 May – the same day she filed a temporary restraining order at the Los Angeles Superior Court against his 29-year-old girlfriend Bianca Wallace.

She said in the documents, seen by the Daily Mail: “I am afraid of the Respondent for my personal safety, and respectfully ask the Court to issue a Restraining Order for five years.”

The teen also asked in the papers, seen by the Daily Mail, that Ioan is forced to undergo a “batterer intervention program to stop abuse”.

Ella is also requesting a restraining order against Bianca for five years for both herself and her nine-year-old sister Elsie – who her mum Alice Evans, 54, had with ‘Liar’ actor Ioan before he walked out on Alice after a 14-year marriage before he moved in with Bianca.

In her filing against her dad Ella also asks that he keeps at least 100 yards away from her and not contact her for five years.

She adds in her papers her dad has allegedly called her a “liar” and a “gaslighter” when she has aired her “feelings or opinions” to the actor.

She also says he has “threatened to call the police on her anytime she misbehaves during his visitation time in the past two years”.

Ella’s request for the five-year restraining order against Bianca would stop the actress from going within 100 yards of the teen, her sister, their home, their schools, and their vehicle.

The temporary restraining order has not yet been granted and will be put before a court on 23 June.

Her filing against Bianca says the actress “slammed a door on her head” and left her bruised as she tried to escape their home following a blazing argument.

Ioan and Alice are locked in a bitter custody battle over Ella and Elsie.

The actor announced their marriage was over in January 2021 and he went public with his new romance in October that year, and filed for joint custody of his two daughters last July after Alice filed for sole custody.

Alice last year risked violating her restraining order by appearing to mention Bianca in a social media post that said she was being “gaslit” and saying “B is so slim”.

Ioan has accused her in court papers of verbally abusing him during their 14-year marriage, and said Alice made “fun of my appearance” by telling him he was losing his hair and telling him he had “saggy-vagina eyes”.

Both Ioan and Alice say they are struggling for money, and their $2 million marital home in Los Angeles was last month sold at the actor’s request after he said he no longer had the funds to pay for it – leaving Alice and the children to move to a new rented address.

Ioan now lives in Los Angeles with Bianca, who has multiple sclerosis.