Invincible Season 2 midseason finale trailer teases a reckoning: "If you experience emotional damage, you may be entitled to compensation"


Prime Video has released a new teaser trailer for Invincible season 2 episode 4 – the last episode to air before the series goes on a brief hiatus.

"This is all we’re legally able to show you from this Friday’s Invincible," the official Twitter account for Invincible captioned the clip. "If you experience emotional damage, you may be entitled to compensation from R Kirkman LLC."

The brief clip, which can be viewed above, picks up directly after the final moments of episode 3 - which sees Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons)  return (in a rather dramatic fashion). Mark (Steven Yeun) and Omni-Man face off against each other - and we can only imagine what happens next.

At the end of Invincible season 1, Mark learns that his superhero father is actually a powerful player in the villainous Viltrumite Empire. Episode 4 marks Omni-Man's first appearance since the reveal – and the first time Mark has seen him since that fateful moment.

Season 2 will take a brief pause after episode 4 and return in 2024. Creator Robert Kirkman explained the decision, telling Collider, "I think narratively, it's kind of cool to have that pause to digest what you've just experienced. And when you see Episode 4 of Season 2, you may need a break. It's a big episode. It's definitely a mid-season finale kind of episode."

Invincible season 4 is set to hit Prime Video on November 24. The season will pick back up in early 2024, with four episodes remaining. Check out our Invincible season 2 release schedule for more.