Introducing Bevy – a Lifestyle Organization Service for Busy People with Never-Ending To-Do Lists

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Skilled concierge teams help individuals reclaim ownership of their time

You want to be able to do it all but need relief from the constant time crunch and everyday responsibilities that drag you down and rob your time. Problem solved – meet Bevy, a lifestyle organization service for families and homes. Bevy’s skilled concierge team orchestrates the background noise of life so you can get the time back that you need to live your best life.

Bevy was brought to fruition by founders Lynda Attaway and Carissa Janeway, two entrepreneurial women who came to the conclusion that, "Yes, you can do it. But you shouldn’t have to do it all at the expense of your sanity!" Built to help families of all shapes and sizes gain time back to focus on their priorities, Bevy provides help for the rest. Lynda and Carissa realized that in today’s busy world we all need a support team. From closet organization to event planning to organizing your busy schedule, enlisting Bevy provides you with a bucket of hours and your very own "Bev," a skilled life organizer ready to help check off the big and small tasks of life.

"After spending 20 years climbing the corporate ladder and starting several companies while at the same time growing my family from zero to three kiddos, I finally reached a breaking point – the end of my sanity rope," said Bevy Co-founder and CEO, Lynda Attaway. "I loved working and pushing myself to achieve big things and killing it in my professional life, but I found it hard to find time for both my family and my to-do lists on the home front. That meant a lot of things at home simply were pushed to the wayside and started piling up before my eyes. So one grand idea, years of hard work, and a few glasses of wine later, Carissa and I created Bevy! I knew I couldn’t be the only one out there needing stress-free time back to spend with my family and enjoy everything I was working so hard to earn."

Co-founder and COO, Carissa Janeway, said, "I also worked in the corporate world for more than a decade and soon after having my first child I reached the end of my mental rope. I was working in a job where I lacked support, and my passion began to flag. I was questioning how I could figuratively ‘have it all.’"

Misplaced and emotionally drained, Carissa exited the corporate world and stayed home to raise her daughters. Although the right choice for her family at the time, she still longed to get back to work and began searching for the support to enable her to achieve her personal goals. Enter Lynda, who hired Carissa to became the first ever "Bev." After successfully proving the concept while taming the chaos in Lynda’s life, Carissa is now part of their combined entrepreneurial journey, helping Bevy’s clients flourish in their lives by tackling their tedious and monotonous to-do list tasks.

Bevy is a collective of skilled lifestyle organizers, available in person and virtually, dedicated to making clients’ lives easier by doing the things they don't have time for while giving them back the time to focus on living life. Bevy clients delegate the "stuff" they don’t want to deal with and let their Bevs tackle those grueling tasks. By delegating your workload, you reclaim ownership of your time!

About Bevy

Bevy is a lifestyle organization service for busy people with never-ending to-do lists. Bevy’s skilled concierge team, or "Bevs," manage the things that monopolize your time so you can spend time living your best life. The company was founded on a core principle that we all need help and should not have to "do life" all alone. From pantry organization to managing your busy schedule, Bevy works within your bucket of hours, allowing you access to your personal concierge team. For more information about Bevy, visit us at or on Instagram @chaoscures.

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