Internet questions whether mother-of-the-bride’s dress upstages her daughter

Internet questions whether or not this mother-of-the-bride dress upstages her daughter  (TikTok/@capturedbychloeco)
Internet questions whether or not this mother-of-the-bride dress upstages her daughter (TikTok/@capturedbychloeco)

Everyone attending a wedding wants to look their best for the occasion, but sometimes etiquette gets in the way.

In recent posts on both Instagram Reels and TikTok, wedding photographer @capturedbychloeco showed a mother-of-the-bride dressed in a gown from the brand Audrey + Brooks. The dress itself is a pale green color with a floral pattern, along with a bow in the back and a train. The photographer, who shared various moments from the nuptials, in which the mother of the bride could be seen posing in the gown, called it “the ultimate MOB dress going viral on TikTok rn” but some commenters are beginning to question if the dress might look too good.

According to the bride, Amanda DeWitt, and her mother, Lori, who spoke toToday, they picked up the dresses while they were shopping together in New York City. At the time, Amanda had claimed that the dress was “perfect.”

“I love what she wore,” Amanda told the outlet. “My mom looked absolutely stunning. It was just as much her day as it was mine.”

Despite her daughter’s love of the dress, Lori admitted that she did end up making some custom changes to it. “It was originally strapless — but I didn’t think that was appropriate for a Catholic Church, so they changed the neckline,” she said.

However, after the dress was shown off on social media, where the video has been viewed more than one million times, some viewers claimed the vibrant gown overshadowed Lori’s daughter on her wedding day.

“Why does MOB want to be the center of attention???” one person asked on Instagram, while another said: “She’s trying to upstage her daughter.”

“Wow. Couldn’t she let her daughter be the bigger deal that day?!!! If my mother did that I’d send her back to change,” someone else wrote.

Of the response, Lori admitted: “We didn’t realize my dress was going to spark a debate, but we’re laughing about it. I’m the last person you’d expect to go viral. I don’t even post photos!”

Lori explained that even though she laughed at most of the comments and tried to brush them off, she did find some of them to be “a little heartbreaking.”

“I would never do anything to hurt my daughter,” she said. “Everybody just wanted to look their best.”

Not all of the comments were negative, though, with others obsessing over the dress to the point where Lori revealed that there is now a waitlist for her custom Audrey + Brooks gown at Flora on Madison in New York City.

“As a celebrity wedding photographer who has seen every kind of dress by every kind of person, I think this mother looks absolutely radiant - and I would be so honored to document a mother and daughter who celebrate each other’s dress choices,” one commenter wrote. “Leave the ego at home. Some of these comments are such a shame to read.”

“This mom looks gorgeous and I can promise you that the daughter helped her mom choose this dress,” another commenter wrote. “This mom looks AMAZING and so does her beautiful daughter.”

“Mom looks incredible!” a third commenter agreed. “My mom SHOULD stand out at my wedding! I would prefer if she wore one that’s more than the typical MOB dress - this is stunning.”